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Attribution with Bob McKinnon

Jan 30, 2023

For the last thirty years, Dr. Deepak Chopra  has been at the forefront of the meditation revolution.  His 93rd book, Living in the Light  written with Sarah Platt-Fingerwith. taps into the ancient Indian practice of Royal Yoga and offers an illuminating program for self-realization, bliss, and wholeness. TIME magazine has described Dr. Chopra as “one of their top 100 most influential people.”  In our conversation we talk about this juxtaposition of “being vs. doing”, our journeys to self-realization and what it means to live in the light. While we discussed some heady stuff, it was a free-flowing and down to earth conversation. One I hope you find enlightening.

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Deepak Chopra

Living in the Light

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Bob McKinnon is a writer, designer, and teacher who asks us to reconsider the way we see success and the American Dream. 

His work has been featured in the New York Times, Boston Globe, Fast Company, NPR, and PBS.

His own journey out of poverty was captured in his TEDx talk: How Did I End Up Here. Through his writing and this podcast, he hopes to pay tribute and thanks to all those who have helped him and others move up in life.


Attribution is distributed in part by Chasing the Dream, a public media initiative from PBS flagship station, WNET in New York, reporting on poverty, justice, and economic opportunity in America. You can learn more at

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